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Cabin Crew Announcements

Announcements are verbal orders, requests or messages for the passengers made by the Cabin Crew on behalf of the Airline. These may be regarding safety, service, security or any other. These announcements must be crystal clear and hence should not include grammatical , accentual or any other errors to ensure no distortions to the message. There may be variety of announcements by Airlines apart from the traditional ones like promotional. We would here give you a generalized idea of the announcements made on flight. These may also be included in the selection rounds by the Airline’s to check the candidate’s ability of clear expression.

Ladies & Gentlemen,
We are now ready for take – off. You are requested to fasten your seat belts, upright the seat backs, close the tray table and open the window shades. Please switch off all electronic devices at this time.
Thank you.

SEAT BELT SIGN OFF (after take – off)
The seat belt sign has now been switched off. However keep your seat belts fastened loosely at all times. This is for your own safety.

We will shortly be commencing our food and beverage service.

We are experiencing turbulent weather. You are requested to return back to your seats and fasten your seat belts. Please refrain from using lavatories (toilets) at this time.

We have commenced our descent into (name of the place). You are requested to return back to your seats, fasten your seat belts, upright your seat backs and open the window shades. Please switch off all electronic devices at this time.

We have landed at (name of the place/ airport). We have reached at our scheduled arrival time/delayed by ……….. minutes/hours due to operational/ technical/ reasons. Please do not open the overhead bins until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the fasten selt belt sign is turned off.
(For defence airports) Government of India has prohibited photography at this Airport. Please refrain from using camera at this airport.

Below are some facts that some time become a bone of contention between the Cabin Crew and the passengers. Hence we have tried to provide explanations to a few with the hope that passengers too will understand their duty and cooperate with the crew to follow procedures swiftly.

·                   To open window shades is asked so that the passengers can have a clear view of the outside conditions and can inform in case they notice any abnormality during take – off or landing.

·                   To switch off cell phones is the regulation by the DGCA as it interferes in the navigational equipments.

·                   Using lavatories or walking around during turbulence may land the passenger in heavy injuries such as in the spine and may be bed ridden for life. During heavy turbulence even the Cabin Crew are asked to stop all services and to fasten their seat belts. However during mild turbulence they move around as they have limited time and are trained for such situations. Also if a passenger hurts herself/ himself, they will be the responsibility of the Cabin Crew and they will be questioned. Hence they are advised to do so.

We hope that this would be helpful for you to prepare yourself mentally before start flying.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Cabin Crew



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