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Frequently Asked Questions About an Airline Cabin Crew Training

Q.What is the recruitment process like ?

Candidates are short-listed and undergo an initial screening. Many will then be asked to participate in assessment exercises. Finally, those identified as having potential will be called for an interview. Candidates who fail to make it through the initial screening process may reapply after six months; those who are not successful after the interview may reapply after one year.

Q.What does Airline  look for in Cabin Crew?
Irrespective of nationality, Airline  look for a positive attitude, confidence, flexibility, maturity, a friendly disposition, and importantly a genuine passion to help others and to provide quality service. As the job can be physically demanding, we also look for those with resilience and a determination to continually perform well.

Q.Do Airlines  need previous experience as Cabin Crew?
Previous experience in a customer service role would be of benefit but previous cabin crew experience is not required.

Q.Can I attend a Cabin Crew interview in any country where Airline  recruitment campaigns are being held?
Yes. If Airline  is not conducting interviews in your home country, you may be invited to attend the selection process in a nearby country or you may choose to attend the Open Information Days as advertised. Should you choose to attend, expenses incurred will not be reimbursed.

Q.How many job applications does Airline  receive ? How many Cabin Crew are working with Airline  at present?
An Airline  receives an average of 10,000 - 50,000 applications for Cabin Crew per month. Over 25,00,000 Cabin Crews are currently working for the Airlines world wide.

Q.If selected to join Airline  as Cabin Crew what medical tests are required?
Two pre-employment medical tests are required: one in your home country at your own expense and one upon arrival in Airline  which will be conducted at the Airline  Group Clinic by doctors qualified in Aviation Medicine. This is a legal requirement for all Airline  Crew.

Q. I am very keen on taking training for Cabin Crew but at the same time, I would like to continue with my graduation. Is there a way out to pursue both?
Answer: It is definitely possible.  Most of the International airlines recruit only graduates for Cabin Crew therefore pursuing your graduation degree would indeed be helpful for you for placements with an International Airline.

Q. I'm studying in XII standard. I want to know: How important is grooming for the job of an Airhostess? 
Answer: Grooming is a key prerequisite for an Airhostess. However, grooming doesn’t just imply beauty or make-up but the overall personality: the way to carry yourself, your behavior with the passengers, speech, diction etc.

Q. Is Graduation very important for the services industry? I just completed 10+2 and have scored very well in CBSE. 
Answer: Although a degree is preferable, many employers will accept 10+2 candidates as well. For example in domestic Airline the basic qualification for a cabin crew is 10+2, but in most of the international airlines the required qualification is graduation. 

Q. Can boys also pursue an Aviation Job? 
Answer: Why Not? It’s a mistaken concept that the Airhostess job is only for girls. Boys also can join as Stewards, Flight Attendants etc., which is similar to the job of an Airhostess. 

Q.What are the opportunities for Cabin Crew in Airline ?
Being based in Airline, Airlines offers its Cabin Crew an International lifestyle, an attractive tax-free salary, free quality accommodation and the opportunity to work with an award-winning multicultural team. Salaries for Cabin Crew are competitive and packages of attractive travel benefits and excellent professional development opportunities are available.

Q.Is this a rewarding career path and why?
Working with an Airline will give you endless opportunities: to meet and work with people from over 200 nationalities; to increase your skills and rapidly advance your career. Currently, high performing Cabin Crew have been able to attain the position of Flight Purser within five years and many have also become trainers in cabin service. Many people in middle and upper management joined the Airline as Cabin Crew and now work in other departments. Opportunities abound: waiting for you to pursue them, based on performance of course!

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