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Profile or Role of a Cabin Crew

Profile or Role of a Cabin Crew is primarily of safety as stated in chapter 2.

A Cabin Crew member first needs to be dressed smartly generally in the uniform provide by the airline. With that the airline also has a standard of grooming . This standard is specified at the time of initial training that each Cabin Crew member goes through. There is a training for the same.

Hence before reaching the office the Cabin Crew needs to be completely dressed as per the airline standards. A separate transportation is provided to each Cabin Crew member or sometimes two crew may be clubbed.

After reaching the office, every crew member needs to Sign – In, in the required document. This document is necessary to track the movement of each crew, the time that they reported and if any of the crew members is present or not.

There is a pre- flight Briefing that is conducted by the senior most Cabin Crew member on the particular flight. He/she ensures that each crew member is carrying the specified documents mandatory for the flight, the Crew members are rostered for the flight, they have completed their rest period, they are mentally and physically fit to fly. A Short discussion on the safety procedures take place where in they discuss about the safe operation of the flight and emergencies. Each crew is given a particular position on the flight. These positions have different responsibilities. They then proceed towards the flight.

Once they are on board, each crew member does a Pre - Flight Check according to their respective positions. This pre – flight check is the check of certain safety equipments on board that need to be in good working condition before the flight takes – off. Once the pre – flight check is done and cleared by each Cabin Crew, they clear the flight for boarding.

During boarding they need to ensure that all passengers on board are for the same flight and posses a boarding card. However this check is also done by the ground staff before the entry of passengers inside the plane, still a random check by the Cabin Crew is required.
Before take - off, the doors need to be closed and armed on the commander’s order. Arming of the door is done prior to a take – off so that in case of an emergency, if there needs to be an urgent evacuation, there is slide attached to the door that will automatically open once the door is opened. No need for a step ladder. Remember this is only in case of EMERGENCY.

A thorough check of the cabin needs to be done. This check is done to ensure there is no bag in the aisle, all seat belts are fastened, tray tables closed and seat backs upright. Also, no mobile phones or electronic devices are switched on.

The check of cabin secure is passed on to the captain only after which he/she proceeds for the take – off.

After take – off, the general service procedures according to the airline are performed. Again in – flight they need to be vigilant enough for any medical emergencies. Each Cabin  Crew is trained in First – Aid services during the time of training and need to clear the respective exam. Also they need to be prepared for other emergencies such as any technical problem or security issues such a Hijack. They are trained enough for every possible situation.
On receiving information about landing from the commander, the Cabin Crew stops all in – flight services and ensures that the cabin be secured before the landing. This is the same procedure as followed before take – off. The secure check is passed on to the captain and each crew take his/her specified seat according to their positions and secure themselves (fastening their seat belts).

After landing, on commander’s orders , the door needs to be disarmed. This means to remove the door from the armed position as discussed above. Now the slide will not inflate when the door is opened.

Ladder is fixed on to the door and the passenger’s deplane. The Cabin Crew does a post – flight check ,gives the handover to the other set of crew and deplanes.

They move towards the office where they have a small de- briefing. Here, the required  documentation is completed, the flight is discussed in brief ,they thank each other for the flight and bid good bye!

There is a monthly or weekly roster that is given to each crew that is given to each crew at the end of the preceding month/week or starting of the current month /week. This roster is prepared for each individual crew. It contains the information of the flights that a crew needs to operate, their off days, their leave if any. There is a proper rest period provided between two flights. This rest period is according to the rules of the Civil Aviation Ministry of the particular country. For India Directorate General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the governing authority.

There is a minimum rest period that is to be provided between two flights to a crew, before the completion of which he/she is not eligible to operate any flight.

Also there are specifications about the amount of time that a crew can fly for a day. For India the DGCA has set an 8 hour of limit for domestic flights. This is known as theFlight Time Limitation(FTL). Similarly there are rules for total time on duty for a crew which includes their sign – in and sign – out time. This is known as the Flight Duty Time Limitation(FDTL). This time can exceed only in exceptional cases which may be weather or operational reasons that are beyond the reach of human intervention. In case this time limit also exceeds, the rest period provided should be calculated as per this extended time .All this work is done by a team of professionals specially trained for the same and are known as the Rostering Team.

This is in short the profile of a Cabin Crew. These are certain technical things we tried to provide you to get a deep idea about the role of an Air – Hostess or a Flight Steward. Now you can choose for yourself in a much better way and decide your career path.
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