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Rounds Of The Interviews


Interview is a medium to judge the capabilities of a candidate and analyze how do they best fit into the given role, perform in a particular situation with the given resources and infrastructure.

Here, first impression is the best impression. You will be evaluated by the way you groom yourself, your past experience, body language, communication skills and the way you comprehend situations. So you need to be nothing but the best.

 Listed below are some popular rounds of the interview:
1.    Height and Weight – Here the Airline confirms the height according to it’s norms and weight proportionate to height.
2.    Written – Some airlines take a small test to judge the command over written English or any other language as per their requirements. To prepare for this, practice some grammatical questions for the specified language.
3.    Psychological – This may be one of their rounds depending on the Airline’s recruiting panel and policies. This is generally to test the mental ability of the candidate to adapt to different circumstances and react in challenging situations. This is a round where the candidate has no room to fake it. It has to be ALL REAL.

4.    One on One – This is a personal interview round. There will be a panel of interviewer’s who will be questioning the candidate one by one.
The questions may range from a diverse pool. They may relate to the candidate’s own self. They are very simple questions and the answers to which he / she definitely knows. The panel does not wish to grill the candidate, however expects a basic level of understanding and ability to comprehend the questions smartly.
Questions on oneself can be as simple as they can be confusing and one could be quizzed upon. So play smart, be prepared for almost every kind of throw, and catch it before they can even see!
Trust us, you’ll come out with flying colours!
Some examples of these questions may be like this :
1.    Take us through your profile.
2.    Why do you think we should hire you among others?
3.    How do you rate yourself in a 10 point table for this role and why?
4.    What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
5.    What was your preparation for this interview?
6.    What do you know about our Airline?
7.    Are you aware about your roles and responsibilities, if we hire you?
8.    Why do you wish to leave your current organization?
9.    Why do you wish to be an Air- Hostess/Flight Steward?
10.                       Can you describe a challenging situation at your workplace and how did you deal with it?
11.                       How will you add value to our organization and your skills through this profile?
          The second kind of questions may be Situational such as :
1.    You are about to leave for a vacation and suddenly you are requested to join back immediately due to staff crisis. What will be your reaction and action then? Do you think is it fair on the Airline’s part to ask for such a request?
2.    You are heading a flight. You get a medical emergency during the cruise level. What do you think will be your steps as a leader? Please elaborate one by one.             
3.    How would you take a criticism by your senior if it happens in front of your other junior crew members?
4.    What is the best way to pacify an irritated passenger on board and turn him into a valuable customer for the airline?
These are only some examples of prospective questions to mentally prepare you for the level of questioning towards which you need to work.
Please note that here each round is a qualifying round. This means that you will enter the next level only once you clear a given stage.
This process may take some days or even months for the final result to get ready. Hence be patient.

Prepare in the best possible way. Believe that YOU are the best. Make them believe that you ARE the best.
It may happen that even after all this too, you may not get through. This definitely does not mean that you lack somewhere, it may just be that you do not meet the requirements as per the airline for the simple reason that you as a person may not be fitting in. This is not your issue. Present yourself as who you are, ALWAYS.
It would be the best match only when you fit in the Airlines requirements and the Airline fits in yours!

 “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

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