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Passing The Exams

During the training, exams are the ultimate destination for every section. Be it Safety, Service or First Aid. As stated in the earlier chapters, these exams are conducted on the lines of the civil aviation regulatory authority of the country. For India, it is DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). Hence these exams are of a very high quality and the marking is also tough. Hence to clear them, the trainee has to be completely prepared with every aspect, being totally thorough with the manual provided.

It must be understood by now that this training is of a rigorous nature. The reason is very clear. This is a field where there is no room for deviation especially in safety procedures. Hence the airline wants to be completely sure that you graduate from the training centre as a Perfect Cabin Crew. You being the face of the airline, carry its image whenever you are in the uniform. Hence not being clear in your concepts, not being up to the mark, or lacking in any aspect would act as an obstruction for the Airline to achieve its ultimate mission and they definitely don’t want any mark on their shirt. They will only be interested in you only and till the time you are productive for their organization, add value and growth to it. Hence, it is a constant effort that you need to put in even after years of service. Remember it is always survival of the fittest!

The exams are concluded with a viva – voice, where after your SEP card will be signed. We will talk about it in the next chapter in detail. The viva – voice is to test the level of confidence in handling emergencies, presence of mind, knowledge of concepts and procedures. This is generally the last stage of assessments. However apart from written and viva’s, there are also certain assessments that need to be cleared such as SLIDE DRILL, FIRE DRILL and DITCHING DRILL. These drills are situational such as the slide drill is done on a real slide where each crew is given an emergency situation and s/he has to act accordingly. In the fire drill, there is a real fire which is to be fought with a real fire extinguisher taking all the precautions and following every single procedure as would be performed on the real flight. In the ditching drill, the assessment is done in the swimming pool where a raft similar to the one on board will be floating in the water and appropriate procedures are to be followed by the trainee crew as if it is a real emergency happening.

All this constitutes the exam pattern and it is compulsory for every trainee to clear them with the specified percentage which is generally quite high. After your batch is done with all the training, exams and base allocations, it time for a party! This is the graduation party, which is the last day in your training centre  now you formally graduate from there and celebrate to go onboard!

Till now you were under the guidance of able faculty members and treated as new comers where certain mistakes were overlooked. But now the situation will be totally different as you now hold a valid SEP card and a lot of things would be expected. Now there won’t be any faculty members whom you would have been familiar till now. There would be seniors who would have been flying from a long time and they expect you to come prepared from your training center.  

Definitely you would also come across some senior crew who would be very helpful and teach you like a mentor.

Hence now you are all on your own. Be alert, confident and smiling.

My Formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I Occupy Myself as Best I can.

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