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First Aid Training


First Aid training forms a part of Initial as well as all others such as recurrents, refreshers among others. It forms the basis of Cabin Crew profile as he/she will be the first person who will be able to administer the casualty on board, use the medical equipments, and call for a doctor. Hence it is extremely important for a Cabin Crew member to be thorough with the same.
The Airline’s provide detailed training and design a curriculum for the same. The trainers are the doctors who train the Cabin Crew and ensure that they understand the symptoms, the reasons, the first aid to be given, the documents to be maintained and most important not to panic.
The diseases range from nose bleeding to heart attack to stroke to birth of a child and much more. There is an exam for the same and once the trainee clears it, he/she has to go through the viva voice. This too is a rigorous training as safety and it can be a little difficult to grasp it all at once as it will be a different field of study altogether. However everyday revision and correct understanding of the concepts will make be helpful.

Please understand that there is no attempt to turn you into a doctor. It is to prepare you just perfectly to handle any medical emergency on board. Remember you may save a life one day!

There are certain medical equipments that are available on board to be used in such emergencies by the Cabin Crew. These are a Medical Handy Kit, a First Aid Kit, an Oxygen Bottle, a Defibrillator and  a Physician Kit too to be operated only by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

The training also includes the communication between the cockpit and cabin. This is to ensure that there’s no delay in the treatment of the passenger, appropriate decisions can be taken for an immediate landing or not and the help of personnel and ambulance is available on ground.

There needs to be a proper and effective communication between the Cabin Crew members. There is no scope for a miscommunication here. Any delay or a wrong step may cost heavily!

It is very important to prepare yourself from the day one. This is because studying from books and giving exams seem pretty easy however when one faces the real situations, especially mid air with no help available, he/ she tends to panic( which is natural). But you as a Cabin Crew cannot let it overtake you as the passenger might be fighting for his/ her life and you’ll be the sole rescuer!

So fasten your belts and if you are sure you can hit the nail, go for it!

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” 

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