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Cracking the Tough Nut – Cabin Crew Interview

During the Cabin Crew introduction assessment make sure you follow these 
important tips:

Stand up tall and be confident;
Address the entire room and use effective communication skills;
Speak clearly and concisely.
Smile and look as though you are enjoying yourself.

Tips for the Cabin Crew  Interviews

The Cabin Crew  job Interviewer may want to identify the following skills on the job candidate:

Communicator / listener who effectively works and serves people.

Interpersonal abilities – Team-worker (a team player).
Handling multiple tasks.

Awareness of differences between cultures.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

After the general questions about your professional and personal past, as well as some relevant questions about your academic qualifications, the following questions may be asked:

► Do you like being around people?
Being a Cabin Crew  member requires a person to have solid interpersonal skills.
The person should be always cheerful and should not show their frustrations or anger to the people around them. This is extremely important.

► Why do you want this career ? Why do you wish to join the Cabin Crew  ?
While this question may seem difficult to answer to people who are doing the job for the financial position that it offers, this question will seem simple to people who are interested in flying.

You have to do some research about this career and speak about your job-related skills. You can add that you are quite interested in flying and visiting new places; do not overly emphasize this. You can say further that you enjoy being with around people and are quite sociable.

► Give us an example where you really held your temper?
In your response, briefly share some of your challenging incidents, and how you successfully handled them.

► Tell us of a situation when you were under real pressure? Tell us of a case when you have been upset or frustrated?
As you discuss experiences, focus on how your customer service skills allowed you to please the client and diffuse any further problems.

► Have you ever worked in a customer care or customer service job?
If you did, you can tell about your valuable experience and the good gained practice that you’ve got.

► Why do you want to join our Airlines?
This is a question that is aimed at finding out whether you know enough about the Airlines and the basic Airlines market.
The best way to answer this question is to do some research on the Airlines and highlight its positive points.

You can work on following as well 

-Currency and currency conversions.
-Capitals of major cities.
-Airport locations and terminals.
-The 24 hour clock.
-Duty free allowances.
-Airline industry / Time abbreviations – EU, UCT, BAA, GMT etc.
-Cabin Crew Recruitment
-Cabin Crew Vacancy

To help you prepare, here are a number of sample Cabin Crew Interview Questions:

Q. Why do you want to become a Cabin Crew only ?

Q. What can you bring to the post? 

Q. Why should we give you the job above all of the other applicants?

Q. What can you tell us about this Airlines Culture?

Q. Are you a flexible person?

Q. Can you give us an example of when you have delivered outstanding customer service?

Q. Describe a time when you had to work effectively under pressure?

Q. How would you deal with a passengers complaint during a Flight?

Once you have successfully passed the assessment centre you may have to attend another Final Interview where the panel will make a decision on your suitability for the role.

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