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Cabin Crew Service Training

Service training of an Airline depends on the type of Aircraft that the Airline operates. The modules or curriculum is prepared in the manner that the procedures of service do not interfere with the procedures of safety.

The training comprises of -

1.    On – Ground Supervisory duties while food, beverages and related articles are loaded in the aircraft by the catering staff
2.    Maintaining the relevant documents for the same
3.    On Ground services
4.    Division of duties among the crew members
5.    Heating of the meals at appropriate temperature
6.    Safety procedures while handling hot meals out of the oven
7.    In – Flight Services
8.    Procedures for different flight timings
9.    Procedures for different duration of flights (long haul and short haul)

The services differ in Economy Class and Business Class of the flight. Generally there are limited options of food and beverage in economy class. The services offered are also limited such as entertainment, reading material etc.

The Business Class on the other hand has wider range of services ranging from food and beverages to comfort to entertainment.

The services differ on domestic flights and international flights especially with regard to alcohol service. It is banned on Indian routes by the Government of India. Also since most of the international flights are long haul, hence the range of services also is wide.

The new concept of low frill airlines also started with Air Deccan coming into the scene in India, which was initially a concept of the west. Here the services are generally brief and Sales on Board takes place. This is a tedious process for the crew as they need to be vigilant regarding the uplift, sales and the left over stock. The counting has to be perfect with the cash in hand. In case there is any discrepancy, generally the Cabin Crew members need to pay for the same to cover the difference.

Hence, all these aspects in detail are covered in the Airline’s Service Training. Mock sessions are held to make the trainee’s comfortable when they operate their first flight. The trainee’s also are trained in the aspects of communication, mannerisms, speed to work in limited time efficiently and much more.

There is an exam for the same and a viva voice too. Once it is cleared, you are all set to Fly!

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” 

Cabin Crew



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