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Preparation for the Aviation Industry Interview

Many Aviation Industry observers predict that U.S. Airlines are on the cusp of a shortage of qualified Cabin Crew. The shortage is the result of a large number of looming retirements at U.S. Airlines.

The Cabin Crew shortage may present a unique opportunity for prospective Cabin Crew who have the required qualifications to be considered by the Airlines, but first would-be Airline Cabin Crew must pass the Airline’s Interview Process.

An Airline interview is unlike an interview at a non-aviation company. An Airline Interview is usually a single event, unlike interviews at non-aviation companies which can involve two, three or more Interviews before an offer is made. In some cases, the airline interview may take place over several days and involve multiple meetings.

The First Step in preparing for an Airline Interview is to research the company. The prospective applicant should be aware of recent news stories about the company, have an understanding of the company’s history, and be familiar with the company’s leaders. Much of this information can be found on the company’s website, on aviation trade sites such as Aviation Week, or news sources like the Wall St. Journal. Often, company websites allow users to sign up to receive press releases via email. A directory of sites relating to aviation employment can be found on GlobalAir.com. Learn about the company’s culture as well. An interview with Southwest, Virgin America or JetBlue will require a different approach than an interview with Delta, United or US Airways.

The next step in preparation is to find out what the company’s interview process is like. Several websites offer “gouge,” or details of their experience, from previous interview candidates. One of the most popular such sites is AviationInterviews.com, but other sites such as Will Fly for Food offer interview gouge as well. Job seekers can also use forums on websites such as FlightInfo.com to ask questions of current employees or others who have interviewed with the company. Airlinepilotcentral.com is a good source of information on many aviation companies and also has forums.

There are two types of questions on an aviation interview. First, there are normal Human Resource questions. These questions are of the “getting to know you” type. Examples would be “Tell me about yourself” and “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” The second type of question to be expected is the technical question. Technical questions include subjects such as systems on the aircraft that you currently fly, the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Some companies also require their applicants to take a written test. These tests often consist of basic General Knowledge with multiple choice questions similar to those that might be found on the instrument and Airline Cabin Crew written exams.

Once you have determined what to expect on your interview, the next step is to start studying. A good method is to make a list of questions found on the Interview gouge sites. Go down the list, answer the questions and then study your answers. For longer answers, write your answer in outline form. Don’t try to memorize the answer word for word, just remember the points that you want to make. Practice answering the questions out loud. Start in front of a mirror and then have your family and friends quiz you.

Cabin Crew There are standard things you will be required to do for any job interview. These apply to a cabin crew job interview as well. Remember that you are actually representing the airline so pay particular attention to your appearance. Wear the same clothes that you would wear to an interview at a bank when you attempt to get a loan. Basically pull out all the stops and ensure you present yourself as a professional. Also ensure you have got all of your paperwork in order. Don’t fill your resume with irrelevant information. Focus on information about your training that is relevant to becoming a cabin crew member, work you have done in a service industry and any other pertinent details about your interests as they apply to this specific field.

Don’t get carried away with telling your interviewers your life story. Unless they ask, only give them the information they need to know. Remember that job interviewers interview a lot of candidates normally – so sticking to the specifics will ensure you save their time and your own. Don’t tell them you just want to be part of the cabin crew for free flights. While this is a great perk it detracts from the actual work you will have to do.

These are the some of the Possible Questions asked by the Interview Panel. The sequence of the questions will vary according to the interviewer.-

- Tell me about yourself ? 

- What do you know about our company ?- Why should we hire you ?

- What can you do for us that someone else can't?

- What do you look for in this job?

- What dont you like about a air hostess you come across.?

- How does this assignment fit into your overall career plan ?

- Describe your interpersonnel style.

- What do you believe is the most difficult part of being a supervisor of people ?

- Why are you looking for a new career ?

- What were the five most significant accomplishments in your last assignment?

- What were the five most significant accomplishments in your career so far?

- Can you work well under without supervisions

- Can you physically and mentally work 10 hours non- stop (commercial flight can last more than 10 hours)

- Why do you want to work for us?

- What other positions are you considering

- What are your career goals?

- How did you do in school?

- What was wrong with your current or last position?

- What kind of hours are you used to working or would like to work?

- Do you have your reference list with you?

The actual interview can be like a casual chat or it can be like an official discussion. It depends on the panel. The company is looking for a staff with the potential and the right attitutes. From the questions, the panel can judge your knowledge, your potential and attitute. For example,if you are being asked by a specific knowledge of the company which the public normally do not know, he is testing you and want to check how you handle difficult question. If you answer correctly, he will proceed with another, till you do not know the answer.

With preparation and study, you will have an excellent chance of becoming the next Airline new hire. If you don’t get a job offer, don’t give up. Some companies, notably Southwest and FedEx, like to hire applicants on the second or third Interview. As with anything, practice makes perfect and more interviews will improve your presentation. If all else fails, keep trying with other companies until you get your chance to hop in an Airline cabin.

Cabin Crew

Capt Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot]
Pragati Srivastava     [ Air Hostess]


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ISBN: 9781301650040
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1.    What does this book talk about
2.    Who is a Cabin Crew
3.    Profile of a Cabin Crew
4.    Searching for prospective employers
5.    Air Hostess Training institutes
6.    Resume making
7.    Preparation for the interview
8.    Rounds of the Interview
9.    Cracking the tough nut – Interview
10.                       After the interview
11.                       Dos and Don’ts
12.                       Frequently asked questions
13.                       Cabin Crew Airline Training
14.                       Safety Training
15.                       First- Aid Training
16.                       Service Training
17.                       Passing the Exams!
18.                       Acquiring the flying license
19.                       Flying as a Cabin Crew
20.                       Traits for being a perfect Cabin Crew
21.                       Stages In the process of promotion
22.                       Layovers ,  Travel and more
23.                       Career avenues for experienced Cabin Crew members
24.                       Flying as a Cabin Crew – International Airlines
25.                       Package of pay!
26.                       Current trend of the Aviation Industry

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