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Flying As A Cabin Crew

Being a Cabin Crew is one of the toughest professions. It may sound overboard to some or rather many but that’s the truth. Anyone who has seen this profession closely, having been flying or associated with people who fly, they very well know this truth. Glamour, travel, a handsome salary are all tits and pieces of this very elaborate profile.
When one starts flying, a lot many people are not able to cope up with the physical stress of it. Flying for 4-5 hours or more continuously while working becomes a very tedious task and mostly the body is not able to cope with the new change. Hence many a crew experience regular vomiting or nausea when they start flying. However this is just a phase. Once the body is used to it, it won’t react this way. But in case it continues further, it may mean that you are suffering from air sickness and need to consult a doctor. Hence be very vigilant and do not ignore small symptoms.

Also there is a sudden change in routine. Your roster will show flights of different cities with different time slots. Some flights may be short of just two hours of flying time while some of six hours! With this there is a lot of fluctuation of timings. Today you may have a flight at ten in the morning, however tomorrow it may be as early as four in the morning, if you had had proper rest period.

Majority of the Cabin Crew members join this profession straight after school. Hence there is an unexpected change of environment. Where three months back, you were in a protected and pampered atmosphere, here only work will speak. The atmosphere will be truly professional and expectations out of you will be the same.  When they hire you, they expect that you are joining them as you are mentally prepared to face the corporate world. It will all be result oriented and evaluation will be on the same grounds as for a 19 year old and a 30 year old. Performance cannot be discounted on the grounds of age.
When one joins an airline as a Cabin Crew, they have similar notions as everybody else has in the outer world. But when they enter into it, they realize that everything is not that rosy. You need to be mentally and physically prepared for any flight during your stand-by days. Stand-by is a duty which may be at home or at office as specified in the roster. In both the cases, you can be pulled out for a flight in case the rostered crew has reported sick at the last moment or any other case.

Manuals are the bible. Before every flight, it is a mandatory procedure to conduct briefing. This briefing is conducted by the head of the flight on that particular day. Here, the whole plan for the flight is made as to how the things are to be done and who will be responsible for what. Be it safety or service. Crew are allotted different positions according to which the jobs are allocated. Here, questions on safety and service are also discussed and as a new crew, you will always be under the radar. Since you will be new to the system, hence mistakes are ought to happen. However, since a single error can cost a lot, be it monetary of someone’s life, no senior wants to take a risk in case you are not thorough with your manual. This may discourage you sometimes, however it is only a phase and once you complete some months, things won’t be that challenging.

On board, you may or rather you will find passengers who will be extra demanding. Mostly they are the ones who need attention. Genuine people never bother. There may be some who won’t abide by the rules even after regular announcements. The best one is of switching off the cell phone in the flight. When you tell them, they ask the reason why. Again you tell them the reason, they would argue and behave as if they have manufactured it and you as an Air Hostess do not know anything about technology. This is the truth. A lot many people think that if you are a Cabin Crew by profession, you will be beauty without brains. They do not know that the person they think is uneducated and cannot even handle a cell phone, MAY SAVE HIS LIFE today with the WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE that s/he possesses!

The best way to deal with these situations is to be composed. Do not lose your temper as this would aggravate things. The very first thing is that if the particular passenger is not behaving properly, this is bad at his part and you have nothing to lose. Most important, do not take it personally as there you are in the uniform and representing a company not yourself. Yes this may be difficult, however experience teaches a lot.
You may also meet some good people who would make your flight a nice experience. There would be celebrities one of whom would be your childhood favourites. You would get layovers in cities that you would have always dreamt of visiting to. You would make some great friends and a large social circle. You would be flying with different set of crew each day and learning new ways of work which would be totally different from training.
At the end of the day, it is you who will define yourself and not your job. Hence do not lose your identity in this busy schedule. Always remember who you are and from where you belong to keep yourself rooted at all times which is the secret to success. Hence ironically, keep flying but remain grounded to fly higher!

A Life making Mistakes is not only more Honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing Nothing. 

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