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Who is a Cabin Crew ?

Flight Attendants or Cabin Crew (also known as Stewards/Stewardesses, Air Hosts/hostesses, Cabin Attendants) are Professionals on a Fight who are specifically trained for Safety and comfort of the passengers and the Aircraft. They are members of an Aircrew employed by Airlines  They may be commercial flights, on Charter flights , and on some military Aircraft.

The collective set of flight attendants (air hostess + flight steward) aboard a flight are known as CABIN CREW.

As stated above, the primary responsibility of a cabin crew is safety. However they are also entrusted with the responsibility of service which comes secondary to safety.

The number of flight attendants in an aircraft depends upon the seating capacity of the particular aircraft. This means the total number of seats in the aircraft and not the number of passengers travelling in a particular day. Thus even if the load (number of passengers) is 10 in an aircraft that has 70 seats it will have to compulsorily carry cabin crew. Generally there is one cabin crew per 50 seats.

The general procedure to become a cabin crew starts from an interview stage and goes upto 3-4 stages as per the particular airline norms. The different stages may be height and weight, personal interview, group discussion and may be some more again according to the airline.However these are some common stages.

After the interview is cleared by the candidate, he/she needs to undergo physical medical examination, on the clearance of which

The candidate is given the offer letter.

Joining date is given on which the training commences. Some airlines take a deposit of some amount as a security for some years, and would be refunded to the candidate once he/she has completed the said amount of period of service in the airline. This is done as the airline invests a lot of money on the training, uniforms and other formalities of each employee. Hence this is the security that they wish to keep with themselves in case the employee leaves the airline before the specified period.

The training consists of primarily Safety. This safety training is imparted for a particular kind of aircraft which the airline flies. there are exams that need to be cleared by a high percentage specified by the airline for the employee to fly. After it’s successful completion, he/she is issued with a License to fly known as SEP (Safety Emergency Procedures) License. This is the LICENSE TO FLY!

A flight starts with a Pre – flight Briefing where in all the necessary documents and licenses are checked and brief discussion on the safety procedures take place. If it is found that every crew is physically and mentally prepared for the flight, then only they proceed for the same. Every crew needs to Sign –in before leaving the office for the flight which is the reporting time.Reporting time is generally one hour or one and half hour before the departure time.

 The flight starts with a Pre- flight check , clearance for boarding , boarding, closing doors, arming the door , cabin secure ,take off, in – flight services, cabin secure for landing ,landing ,de-boarding , security check and post flight check.

After completion of the flight each crew needs to sign out writing the time they left the office.generally it is 15 mins plus the chocks - on time( the time the aircraft finally stopped).
Then happens the De- briefing where the flight is discussed in general. Post flight documents are filled in. Every crew thanks the other and they say good bye!

The flying crew receives an attractive remuneration as compared to the other ground jobs as the amount of investment and risk involved is quite high. With all this they get transportation from the airline which is very different from the other cab services that are provided in different jobs. This is a car that has one or two cabin crew members.

The above given information is only an outline of the amazing career of an Air Hostess or a Flight Steward that many of you would be looking forward to. The details of each step will be discussed in the further chapters.
So stay tuned!!

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