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Make healthy Fast Food

In today’s world of fast life and shortage of time, fast/ junk food consumption is on the rise. Most of these foods have extremely high amounts of fats, especially trans fats and saturated fats, sugar as well as salt, are made using refined flour and are low nutritional value, and hence, their consumption does not make us feel satiated or content. Instead gorging too much on them makes us crave more food and liquids. And so the eating chain continues! For example, a 300ml bottle of aerated drink or cola contains 40grams of sugar! That is 20 spoons!! Having so much sugar in our blood will cause the insulin to store it as fat, and then we feel the need for more sugar. The more you have, the more you want. And then we get addicted to junk food. 
These foods negatively affect us. It not only leads to problems like hyperactivity, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, but also cancer, osteoporosis, PCOD/PCOS, kidney stones and so many more complications. 

We all like to gorge on burgers, pizzas, fries, and samosas, kachoris as well as noodles once in a while. Today we’ll see how we can make it healthier, so instead we eating junk, we eat healthy!

1.Burgers: The buns are made using refined flour/maida, which can be substituted with whole wheat flour. The pattie is usually meat with lots of salt and preservatives, instead of that; we can make a grilled pattie or a vegetable pattie. And use low fat mayonnaise. Add spinach and lettuce leaves, tomatoes and get the nutrient meter rolling!

2.Pizza: Again, make the base using whole wheat flour; make fresh tomato sauce to spread on it. Add lots of veges as toppings- spinach, mushrooms, colourful peppers, as well as paneer or tofu to up its protein content.

3.Panipuri: The puris can be made using whole wheat flour and semolina. For the sweet chutney, do not add any sugar, instead use dates. And for the filling, instead of potatoes and bundi, add sprouts!


Ragda patties are the most common of all. It can be made quite healthy actually. For the ragda, sprout the white peas. Sprouting actually increases its protein, as well as B-complex and C vitamins. It also eases the digestion as the process of sprouting also breaks down the carbohydrates.

The patties can be made using not just potatoes but also sweet potatoes, carrots and French beans. And shallow fry or grill them instead of frying.

5.Cakes: Cakes are high in fat, sugar and refined sugar. But can easily be transformed into a healthy snack. Substitute maida with whole wheat flour; add soya flour or ragi flour. Soyabeans are excellent source of proteins, whereas ragi is an excellent source of calcium. You can also add buckwheat flour which is a good source of iron.

Add lots of nuts, raisins and dates. Use jaggery instead of sugar, it provides sulphur, magnesium and iron.

Be creative and enjoy eating healthy and fast!

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