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Very few Education Institutes and Traditional Careers like engineering, science graduates, medical And Chartered accountants etc. are the options that still prevail but with growing awareness and knowledge these career options have grown vastly – like Civil Aviation Sector.
Aviation - the very word reminds us of a Cabin Crew dressed in crisp and Smart Cabin Crews Uniform, Flying in the big giant Bird with Elegance ,Finesse , poise and ofcourse a smile!!! 
Being a Cabin Crew involves a lot many traits apart from a pleasing personality, effective communication skills and a pretty smile which are patience(a lot!),empathetic attitude ,dedication, clearing civil aviation exams every year to name a few.  All these requirements are not that simple as it looks like, and so we attempt to cater all such necessary information in detail for all the aspirants who wants to have an Aviation Career in the leading Civil Aviation Industry.
This book attempts in answering all general questions that pop ups as soon as one chose to select a Career path like-

Whether Aviation is fit or not?

What are the basic Requirements and Eligibility criteria of becoming an Airline or Corporate Commercial Cabin Crew?

What all courses one needs to study in the course of becoming a Cabin Crew?
Which is the best known Flight Training School ?

 And most importantly, the books enlightens –

·        The true picture of the current Cabin Crews Job scenario across the Globe

·        The areas other than Airlines that have Cabin Crews Job Opportunities

·        Best attempt to get a Cabin Crews Jobs

 Assistance in an Airlines Interview Questions.


Pragati has been Flying as a Cabin Crew with Air Deccan and Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. She flew for approximately 6 years when she decided to give a turn to her career and stop Flying.  Having completed her studies till the post graduation level with Flying, she restarted her career using her skills and experience as an Aviation blogger.  Now she even wishes to share her experience and render advice to those who wish to fly!!! Since Flying is just not about glamour and money, our youngster’s need to be entirely aware what they are getting into as going on a Flight may be rejuvenating for some and tiring or boring for some. Hence it’s one of her attempts to guide emerging aspirants and simultaneously render back to the Aviation industry in a small way.

Happy Flying!!!!

Cabin Crew  Career Guide


Capt Shekhar Gupta

Pragati Srivastava

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