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Your Aviation Career Starts Here


Your Aviation Career Starts Here

Dear Aspirants,
Wishing You a Very Happy Take Off!

Choosing a career option to be pursued requires a lot of research work that includes the future possibility, requirements, duration, and the investment needed. And knowing about all this information is the first step to accomplish since this act as a basis for the decision. The book is a one stop shop for all the young aspirants who wish to make a career in the field.

Becoming an Airline Cabin Crew is one of the most fascinating options available; this book helps you to have a clear picture of it.
We have included this section to help and explain the Cabin Crew's opportunities and after that how to get about with their future plans.

We have also thought it prudent to include some of the many pitfalls or setbacks that await the financially unwary in what is otherwise a very loving and passionate Profession.

Before all that,  Why should you become a Professional Cabin Crew ?

The possible reasons  may be

         Attractive Remuneration
         Born Cabin Crew [Childhood Desire]

International Cabin Crew Training Industry:

Aviation worldwide is a recurring market and the industry is affected predominantly by economics, politics and some part of the globe with acute terrorism etc. 9/11 had a negative impact on the entire Airline Industry across the globe while in other regions tourism sustained.

Not all Cabin Crews choose an Airline career. There are many others as equally rewarding. Other areas available are Charter Flying. Although we don't recommend it if you intend going the Airline route.

Remuneration is one difficult subject to generalize on as salaries vary extensively around the world. Internationally, Salary of a crew may wary somewhere between 30,000  to 1,00,000 Rupees or even more.The salary depends on the Airline you fly and the years of service.

Cabin Crew salaries have drastically fallen down due to slowdown of economy and industry thriving in various parts of the world however it is still rewarding for the deserving.

Due to Global Aviation Recession, Aviation Industry is going through a rough phase. But, with the economy growing consistently and increasing purchasing power of people across the Globe the International Aviation Industry is bound to grow. The importance of time over money is a key to making a transition from the railways to Airlines as a primary mode of transport.

Flying however is a universal skill and once you have a few thousand hours under the belt, the world is open with opportunities.
Take off is optional but landing is compulsory.

Happy Flying

Capt Shekhar Gupta
Pragati Shrivastava

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